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Not having an online system like this in place is costing you at least 19% loss per day!

Before you go any further, you need answers to these 10 questions now because they directly affect your cash flow and bottom line

  1. Are there bad reviews out there killing your business that you don’t even know about?
  2. Do you have design errors on your money site that prevent people from contacting you?
  3. Is there erroneous information on directory sites that send people the wrong direction?
  4. Have there been spammy links built to your site that Google will penalize you for?
  5. Have you abandoned your social media pages because they are a waste of time?
  6. Is your competition dominating your market and making you look silly?
  7. Does your site look bad on a mobile device causing you to lose visitors?
  8. Does your traffic land on a page that is not designed to convert?
  9. Do you have an unsecure web domain that gets penalized?
  10. Is your site slow to load on desktop and worse on mobile?

This is NOT okay.

But who has the time to check all that stuff?

Don’t worry, the only thing you need to do is…

… Request My 2 Minute Video Review of your current online presence so I can provide the answers you need.

“Hello, I’m a freelance business promoter and online media publishing specialist from Norman, OK. Let me show you how to take advantage of new promotional channels!”
Alvin Curren , Promotion Creatives

Do you know how most business owners struggle to find ways to get more out of their online business promotion budget? As your business marketing partner at Promotion Creatives, you will never have to worry about that again. With me by your side, you get access to unique cutting edge tactics learned the hard way from years of my own business marketing training and experience. I’ve learned what works best long term and things to give you fast business boosting results.

How will you get what you really want, real tangible, measurable customer acquisition results?

In most traditional advertising, measurable results are all but impossible. There’s just no way to tell how much you actually gain from any specific mode of advertising. But that has all changed with digital marketing. Now you have the control and intelligence available to determine the winners and losers from specific campaigns very efficiently.

Happy Father's Day Dad! We Love You!

Owner, Alvin Curren and Kids, Isaac, Danielle, Rebekah and Sherah

Would you like to know how to ramp up your business income fast?
Do these 8 things…

  • Raise the number of good reviews and star ratings
  • Promote your good reputation with multimedia
  • Develop high conversion lead generation funnels
  • Optimize websites for better customer experience
  • Grow, nurture and promote to your own warm market
  • Increase your authority through strategic positioning
  • Create mass exposure through leveraged media
  • Offer viral sharing incentives to get more referrals

My specialty is assessing and optimizing promotional opportunities and web assets for the average business. You might call me the Handyman of marketing… By appraising your local market, and your current efforts and then doing the initial research into what’s working best for your leading competition, I can tell you what you need to do right now with 99% certainty. If you need a website makeover, new ad campaign, reputation repair or online assets fixed, I’m your guy.

business marketing needs analysis

The image shows the most basic needs at the bottom to the advanced needs at top.

Remember this, smart marketing = positive cash flow.

Positive cash flow = Happiness!

So here’s what you need to do to take advantage of my unique talent right now▼

Request a quick 2 minute video overview⏎

Promotion Creatives has a wealth of information and skills to share with you in a fast 2 minute free recorded video review of what I see right and wrong with what you’re doing online right now.

Now there are 3 ways I can help you with your online business promotion. And all of them can increase qualified lead generation and grow revenue faster.

1. Let me implement automated done-for-you business promotions.

2. We can work together as I help you with promotional campaigns.

3. You can do it yourself with my tutorials and step by step training.

But first, you need to have us do an initial appraisal of your web presence and online promotional strategies. At the best, you are missing a few very lucrative opportunities. At worst you are doing yourself harm and don’t even know it!

Reputation Management - Bad Reviews

To find out if you are making this critical mistake and see if we can help, click the link below▽

〉Request Your Free 2 Minute Video Review〈

That’s Right, A FREE Recorded Video Review

No Strings Attached, No Obligations, No Kidding!

We can brainstorm to tackle your most pressing questions and discover the fastest path to expand your business and share it with you in a short video so you can watch it when you have a couple of minutes. If you like my ideas, let’s see what you want to do and we will work together to create strategies to get you there with a positive ROI. Online business promotion shouldn’t cost, it should pay. Let me show you a few options and we can decide together what is best for you right now.

It’s going to be a different world when you have me in your corner fighting for your success. I can advise, teach and provide Done-For-You online business promotions with the #1 goal of increasing your bottom line. And the first time we work together to build your business won’t cost you a dime. Actually, if we can work out the right arrangements it might not ever result in out of pocket expenses because I like to barter. Show me what you have to offer and we could work out a mutually beneficial win-win deal. That’s how we can truly collaborate for the most profitable investment.

Here are a few examples of my online business promotion strategies:

Online Business Promotion

  • Viral Social Promotional Campaign
  • Keyword Rank Analytic Research
  • Social Profile Optimization
  • Business Competition Analysis
  • Lead Generation Campaign
  • Sweepstakes Giveaway Campaign
  • Sales Video Creation
  • Retargeting Ad Campaign
  • Mobile Website Design
  • Social Powered WiFi Marketing
  • Video Expose’ Interviews
  • Appealing Graphic Designs

Or combinations of them all…

Are you ready to discover what more you can do with your online business promotions? I recommend you start with a recorded business marketing analysis. That way we will know exactly what you lack, what will give you the most leverage and how your competition measures up.

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So what do you really want to help grow your business?

  • Top Search Engine Rankings?
  • Social Media Savvy?
  • Viral Sharing Contests?
  • Jammin’ Videos?
  • Better Review Rankings?

You name it…

Of course, all those are great. So what you really want is PHONES TO RING and CUSTOMERS PAYING! That’s right – people calling or dropping in on a regular basis. Then here’s what you need to do…

Very few people under 50 care about the phone book anymore. And who buys the news paper now days? That’s why you need to step up your game with online business promotions from Promotion Creatives.

  1. Are you looking for more customers?
  2. Do you want regular social contact?
  3. Would you like more profitable business?
  4. How would you like instant customer connection?

Promotion Creatives has highly trained writers, designers and programmers that can take your business to your most targeted customers on the social networks, video sites, their mobile phone and tablets. And that’s just for starters.

promotion creatives social contest campaign

Imagine you have your own blog running on autopilot, your own Youtube Channel for branding, direct promotions and social exposure, your own personalized, custom business app for your customers to put on their smartphones, tablets and readers and push instant notifications to them at will!

Give coupons, discounts and specials on all the biggest social networks and drive enthusiastic buyers back to your business with viral social sharing contests!

Have a mobile ready website optimized for every platform. With the world going mobile faster than any technology in history, you need to have your site available to smartphones too.

Promotion Creatives Services

Promotion Creatives services are mainly focused on helping the small to medium business break into all the potential of emerging markets. We want to make it as painless and fast as humanly possible to get a return on your investment. The bottom line is, all of these services should pay you with more business and cheaper customer acquisition.

If you have initial funding problems we have solutions that can help there too. In exchange for introductions and lucrative referrals, we can provide almost any promotional service you need. Plus we can bundle everything you need into an extremely affordable package. Or, if you are skeptical, we can give you one little service at a time as you venture into this new arena just to test the results.

Look at each category in the top menu to learn the benefits of each service.

New Customer Acquisition Information*

cost per customer“Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is a measurement of your sales and marketing strategy. Simply put, it is the cost you incur to get a new customer to patronize your business. It is not a measurement of the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, but rather an indicator of the total investment incurred to gain that customer.

Notice I said investment. Not expense. An expenditure to gain a new customer is an investment. If you are spending $70 to get a new customer, shouldn’t you make every effort to hold onto that customer so that you get a return on your investment. Customers are an asset. An asset that can keep putting money into your pocket long into the future.

Here are some other examples. The Intermarket Group is an organization that conducts research about most everything having to do with the internet. Recently, they completed a study on customer acquisition cost. Some examples on the cost to sign up a new customer from the study are as follows;

Barnes and $42  $27.60
Priceline   $32.30’s $29.30

Don’t you think that companies that are spending this kind of money to gain a new customer are interested in keeping that customer? If not, they are just wasting money.

One of the things I stress is the necessity of thinking of marketing as not just advertising, but as a tool for building customer relationships. If your business is incurring real costs in gaining a new customer, then that business needs to maintain and nurture a relationship with that customer. If they do not do so, then they are not going to recoup the expense of that investment.” The Intermarket Group

As a business owner, you really need to track this acquisition cost and make sure that you are recouping it. Here are some areas that you need to measure. 

Customer Acquisition Cost by marketing segment

How much money are you spending in each area of your marketing? Furthermore, what is the value of the customer that you are obtaining from that segment? If you are spending $300 a month on the Yellow Pages, but only getting 2 customers a month from it who only spend $100, are you getting your money back? Maybe, if they are continual repeat customers. Unless you track this, you will not know if this expenditure is paying off for you.

Cost Trend

The cost of gaining new customers should go down over time. The decrease would primarily have to do with increased sales volume, and the increased brand awareness that every dollar expended promoting your business should bring. If the trend is not downward, then your business is not allocating its marketing budget properly and some changes need to be made.

Special Promotions

Some areas of your marketing do not necessarily require a continuous investment. For example, your website design is basically a rare expenditure. Is it gaining customers? Are they valuable customers? If the answer to those questions is a No, then a website makeover might be necessary. A simple change can bring big benefits if done properly. Same thing with promotional videos, discount coupons or promotional giveaways.

Lifetime Value of a Customer (LTV)

Keep track of where that customer came from and how much they spend. If you find that some customers are generating continued revenue over the course of time, then determine which marketing channel you acquired them from and concentrate your marketing expenditures in that area.

Knowing your Customer Acquisition Cost is a necessity for a profitable business. Only if you know what a new customer costs, can you determine if you are getting a return on your investment in the acquisition of that customer. One of the biggest advantages of the internet as a marketing medium is that it can be easily tracked. You know if you are getting results. And results (profit), return on investment is what business is all about.

It is usually our recommendation that you allow us to do a full Online Business Marketing Analysis before we do anything else. It helps us help you to see how many marketing channels you are utilizing and what kind of reputation the net reveals about you. And it’s free with no obligations.

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