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I’m Alvin Curren the owner, originally from Norman, Oklahoma. I run this freelance boutique promotional agency and travel around the world most of the year. That’s the beauty of working from a laptop. But that’s enough about me. Let me get to how I can help you.

I can help you uncover the hidden opportunities that you don’t even know exist. With smart probing technology we do a careful analysis of your business’ online presence, promotional tactics and review ratings. This will give me an idea where I may be able to help the most. I will go over the findings in a quick review video and send it over via email for you to watch as soon as you get a chance. Then you can schedule the initial online consultation call where we can talk about how deep you want to go.

Consulting is one thing we do, but here’s what’s different. We can actually solve the most urgent problems for you. We’ll also offer suggestions to solve your most pressing needs, wants and desires. But rather than just making suggestions and consulting you to do things that would require you to do it yourself, or hire someone else, we actually give you the option to let us implement what we suggest.


The biggest issue I’ve seen is trying to find someone that’s competent in design concepts, promotional writing, technology and sales conversion all at the same time. All these skills and strategies need to work together as a seamless system. Usually businesses in the tech fields work separately from promotion and sales process design and so on. Some do search ranking. Some do video. Some do web design. Some do consulting. Some do lead generation. Some do social management. Some do reputation. Some do sales writing. Some do mobile business apps. Some do sweepstake contests. Some do paid ads. Some do press releases. Some do directory citations… But rarely will you find an agency that can manage to fix whatever you need done.

The thing is, most business owners, and even their web designers and hired sales people don’t see what their real needs are. With our specialized skills and proprietary technology at Promotion Creatives, we can quickly identify the biggest gaps in your marketing, leads flow and sales processes as it all works together.

As a boutique promotional agency that specializes in building online business assets, creative strategies and promotional marketing systems, you’ll have your pick of all the unique, cutting edge programs we offer at any time. So we are a constant resource that businesses can use over and over as they reach new levels of success and opportunity.

It doesn’t even matter where you are in the world, we work on the internet! We are an online service helping small and medium businesses rock it like the big firms. Promotion Creatives can help you get found easier by the people that matter most and keep your customers coming back more often. That’s customer acquisition and retention.

The Promotion Creatives team has been doing online marketing for over 7 years. We have been honing our skills, doing web design, graphic design, viral marketing, SEO, blogging, networking and building our connections to give small businesses a chance to compete.

We owned and managed websites in all different niches, from blogging, to roofing, to travel and everything in between. So we can handle whatever you have in mind.

Put our skills to work for your local small business to grow and acquire more customers. Now is definitely the time to go for the gusto in building your online assets. If you want to get ahead of the curve, it is time NOW!

We manage highly skilled writers and designers so that we can make your ideas a reality.

We specialize in:

  • Expert Interviews
  • Business Networking
  • Lead Generation
  • Website Development

Promotion Creatives can help your local business develop online assets that rivals the big corporations for a tenth of the cost. The goal is to generate more profitable business than other modes of advertising.

Customer acquisition, as you know, is just the beginning of any sales funnel. It is essential that you stay in contact and bring your customers back often. That is the cheapest form of business marketing.

  • You need to keep your clients in the loop by having them download your business app on their smart phone.
  • You need to stay in contact by e-mail newsletter on a regular basis.
  • Your business website and business blog need to be mobile optimized for the +50% of shoppers that search for your business with their mobile devices.
  • Stay in the community to keep your customers aware of your deals by connecting with them on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest…
  • Be found on your own YouTube channel.
  • Get more business than ever before starting now.

Promotion Creatives has the skills and the technology to get it all done at a competitive rate.

Packages are the way to go for the best deal.

Social Media MarketingWe are so confident that you will love what we can do for you, we offer the first service at an extreme discount. That being said, we are positive you will be so thrilled and want to come back and take advantage of the other powerful services we offer.

If you would rather “Do It Yourself”, we offer solutions for training your own in-house staff to do a lot of what we can do. If this is more your style just let us know or order our training materials online.


Below are some more suggestions of what Promotion Creatives can do to help build your business:



►Wordpress CMS platform

►Contests and Quizzes



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