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Creative Promotions For Your Business!

The majority of small to medium businesses could see measurable benefits by using creative promotions as their primary means of promotion.  Promotion Creatives is a specialized provider of digital advertising and media production for local industries and service businesses.

The kind of power we have available to bring attention to your business is unprecedented in the history of advertising. The difference in accuracy is like the difference between randomly calling all the phone numbers in an area code and having the personal cell number of all the people that would love to know what you have available for them right when they want it.

Digital marketers know how to target groups of people by age, gender, income status, geographical area, and most importantly by interests. There has never been such technology available as we have for pin point targeted promotions.

Why in the world do you think most small business owners waste their time and money publishing promotional creatives and messages to masses that have no interest in what they are offering or have no means to avail themselves of your offerings?

With modern digital marketing strategies being what they are today, it’s possible to know exactly where your best audience is at any time; we know who they are, what they like, who they associate with, we know virtually everything we need to know to present your promotions at the right time, right place, and the right way to have the greatest effect.

It’s really amazing to think about. Just having your own promotional agency is like having your own ultimate secret weapon in the world of advertising.

There are three ways we can help your enterprise.

First, we offer many done-for-you promotional services that help you focus on what you do best; that is providing a great experience for your customers.

Second, we can work together, as marketing partners, crafting your message, targeting your best prospects and building a strategy that we design together. We will be by your side to answer questions and proof your work along the way.

Third, if you are the tech savvy type and you enjoy learning knew marketing strategies, we offer tools and training for you to create and operate all your own digital marketing campaigns.

Please allow me to recommend where you should start. We offer an online presence health check up for your online marketing effort. By using this analysis, you will be able to determine the weaknesses in your current online promotional efforts.

To apply for this free customized report for your business, fill out the form on this next page.


We will send the report via email just as soon as we have it complete. Usually, in less than a day you will know the score of your online presence analysis. And that’s not all. We’ll also do a quick video review explaining the parts of the report and what they mean. Then we will give you our professional opinion as to what you should do next.

Either way you go, we will be here for you with our advice and expertise in promotional solutions.