Lead Generation – Promotion Creatives

Lead generation is a simple process, but not easy to get right.

  • Create the lead funnel
  • Drive the traffic
  • Take the information
  • Follow-up

You could do-it-yourself. This is more expensive in the long run. The time you waste getting it right, you could be working on your business.

But if you are a Do-It-Yourselfer and want a complete How-to program, I have an extremely discounted training program where I share my own system with you. Start by downloading my 6 Step Strategy Guide.

Get Your Strategy Guide Before Lead Gen

The 6 Step Strategy Guide will detail all the prerequisites for your web presence before you start a highly profitable lead gen campaign. Because I don’t want you to waste your lead gen efforts and time, I have compiled this guide to read first. It’s a quick 5-10 minute read for most people. After you sign up for the guide, you will be forwarded to the do-it-yourself how-to training program.

Now let me show you a cool way we can help generate leads from your local visitors. I bet you have never heard of social powered Wi-Fi.

This is software, hardware and a way to cash in on your local clientele.  If you already do, or could possibly offer Free Wi-Fi, this is a total no brainer system to setup at your local business. Just see what I mean on the presentation page that follows the link below.

Social Powered Wi-Fi

Rather than just lose all your customers the moment they leave, why not collect their contact info and social network with them. Then have them recommend you, give reviews and generate more leads for you! You can do it all with a cool new technology called Social Powered Wi-Fi.

Do you like what you see but still have questions?

No problem, I’m here to answer. You can contact me with my CONTACT PAGE FORM and we’ll be in touch.