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OnlineNormanBusinessServiceQ: How do Promotion Creatives services benefit your business?

A: Your business can benefit by one of several ways by using our service. You may get more customers, visitors, repeat visits, a better relationship with clients, less refunds, more exposure, more profits and market share for your ad investments.


Q: How do the “Done-For-You” services work?

A: 1. You choose the service right for you at this time,

2. read all about it,

3. click on the “Order” button to pay,

4. we contact you for any more details we need,

5. we get the job done as quick as possible,

6. you review it, we make revisions,

7. when you are happy you pay the balance.


Q: What can you, the business owner expect?

A: After the change to your order takes effect, you can expect a measurable increase in visitors to your site, leads, calls or customer interaction of the kind you ordered.


Q: How long does it take?customeracquisitionretentionstrategies

A: The setup times vary for different services. But almost immediate result come after setup.


Q: What if you are not happy with the results?

A: Our fees are based on setup time for a basic service. We offer a 100% refund if we fail to complete your order or if the service has no measurable positive effect on your business.


Q: Can you just pay for the service if it makes you money?

A: Yes, if you would rather setup a performance agreement, we will decide together on the specific percentage of increase we will be compensated for. For example; We generate leads for a roofing company and get paid 10% of the job bid per paying customer generated.


Q: What if you are the “Do-it-yourself” type business?

A: No problem, we offer training materials for most services we offer.


Q: What if you have other questions?

A: Submit your questions by contacting us below.

Thanks for checking us out! Promotion Creatives Team