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We Know How To Get Your Business Listed On Top of “Google My Business” aka, Google Maps.

The Internet is the fastest way to get more customers to your business. Spending a fortune on radio commercials, Yellow Pages, or getting listed in dead newspaper ads is a bad idea. All those methods are old, expensive and less effective than ever.

Don’t Pay For Local Advertising, You Need To Transfer Your Promotional Campaigns Online! Getting attention online is easy now. You just need to be on top for your main local search.

Don’t Hire A Marketing Consultant. They are not concerned with your profits. They will charge you the big bucks for telling you to set up an online listing which we could do in a matter of a few hours.

Pay For Google Advertising? I’ve seen to many victims lose their investments doing that. And all for nothing in return. It happened to me…

Another Bad Idea, Set Up Your Own Low-Rent Web Site and See What Happens. If it doesn’t look professional, you are hurting your business. I have seen lots of non-professional looking web sites made by business owners.

Without traffic, your site is useless! So maybe it wont hurt or help if no one sees it.

What if I told you that Google has its own free promotional service that very few people know about.

Ask the average business person if they know what Google Plus Local is. Or how about Google My Business? What about Google Places? It’s highly unlikely they have ever heard of any of them. And it doesn’t help that Google keeps changing the name.

“Google My Business” will get you all the online visibility you need if you could reach the top place and have 6-8 five star reviews.

Your Competitors Probably Don’t Know About All The “Google My Business” Advantages. That gives you a huge advantage in the local market to take the lead advertising positions away from them, and all for nothing.

Google will tell you everything you need to know to set up a listing with “Google My Business.”

But, they don’t make it easy on you. They use tech speak.

And, they don’t share with you all the insider tips you need to get your business in the most dominant position in the search results listings for a local business.

The good news? I’ve got the solution right here!

I’ve scoured my way through the complicated Google documentation, and searched for all the hidden secret tips I could find.

I’ve even tried out all the local Google options, just to make sure I know the ones that work best. And, I’m making the results of my long hours and sleepless nights available to you. I have discovered the things that make the critical difference for your placement on “Google My Business.”

  • The 10 reasons why you need to be using “Google My Business”  (I’d bet you your competition don’t know more than one or two of these – and I’d be surprised if they know any!)
  • The exact information you need to get approved by Google and how to find it… save yourself hours of research to get your business accepted into this prominent free publicity machine.
  • How to build up trust with your customers through “Google My Business” – this tip alone is vital if you want to operate a thriving business in the modern tech world.
  • Exactly how to get your business ‘on the map’ – literally! Get your business land-marked on Google Maps, so that customers in the local area can’t help but know about the service you are offering them.
  • The secret technique you need to know to get your customers to rave about your business online… apply just this one single tactic and watch the floodgates open.
  • And another 10 directories you can list your business in for nothing, and which all have a knock-on positive effect on “Google My Business.” And much more…

Can You Put A Figure On The Value Of This Service For Your Business? It’s not an easy question to answer.

How much is a customer or a sale worth for you?

I can tell you this. I’ve known people who’ve spent hundreds and thousands of dollars, running a commercial on the radio and not gained a single new customer. You don’t need to spend that kind of money on the Internet.

In fact, after you’ve claimed your local “Google My Business” Services, your business can finally be eligible to be visible on the greatest global advertising medium in the world, the Google Local Search Results.

So, you might be thinking that I’d be charging you thousands of dollars per month for this service, right? After all, that’s comparable with that radio spot. But, you’d be wrong. I want to help out small business owners like yourself. So, when you download my book today, I’m cutting you a great deal.

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