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I think it’s safe to say, everyone’s looking for a good deal. We might snag a deep discount on a new car, or find a super cheap airfare. But the feeling we get when we find massive value for our money is priceless.

If you’ve ever found a $20 bill in an old jacket pocket, you know what I’m talking about. I once found a hundred dollar bill in my shoe months after returning from a trip to Southeast Asia. I felt lucky!

But what’s really unusual, is that this need to find a good deal rarely applies to business promotions. People don’t know how much they should pay and don’t know how to compare apples to apples. Then they don’t know what they get in return for their marketing budget.

If you’re frustrated and suspicious about promoting your business, it’s normal. It would really be a miracle if you weren’t suspicious.  But you’re really skeptical because you don’t know how to promote your business without getting ripped off.

I mean how do you know what works without expensive trial and error? If you’ve ever done old school ads, then you know how expensive they can be. They’re also completely mysterious because they can’t target the right people with the right message at the right time. That’s the problem. It’s all a shot in the dark!

You just don’t know what will work. So one option is to hire a consultant. But then you would still have no guarantees what he says will work. And then you would also have to hire more people to implement what the consultant advised you to do. The other thing is, there’s just too much information to digest. You have your own business to take care of. Figuring out how to promote your business without all the skills, tools or time is a problem.

Contractor, confused and frustrated about how to promote his business

3 NYT Owner Article

I suspect your situation is much like Jeff’s, a skeptical contractor. Back a few months ago, Jeff Chinman, who remodels kitchens and bathrooms, commented on a marketing blog in the NYT.

He commented that he wasn’t sure if he was on his third or fourth revamp of his Website. He also had a Facebook page and was trying to figure out how to integrate Twitter and Facebook. He went on to ask whether he was even getting business in return for his efforts or whether he was just bothering his “little bubble of friends and acquaintances.” He said that his biggest question was where he should invest his marketing dollars: Should he stick with radio and print or try harder with social media and Google AdWords?

Confused about where to start and whom to hire to assist him, Mr. Chinman posted his comment asking for advice. People in the comments suggested that he update his Website, find a way to collect email addresses, start blogging and get his sales team to start tracking where their leads come from. Many people chimed in with suggestions that he investigate Pinterest and Tumblr, use better quality photography to highlight his kitchens, reach back to happy customers for testimonials, address some negative reviews on Google+, and do more face-to-face networking. Even one guy said taking advice this way is “dangerous and usually results in poor marketing decisions” — you get what you pay for.

Jeff said, “Most of the comments confirmed what I said and where I was going, but in addition, there were a few other ideas that I thought need more exploring, such as incorporating YouTube, tracking leads by installing a tracking code, and injecting some personality into the photos to create a connection like Men’s Warehouse. I thought it was interesting that someone said I should actually remove my Facebook pages. I am cutting back my print advertising to focus on local Google target marketing. I received about three or four solicitations for Internet marketing. Most are offering the same old “optimize my Website, and they will get me No. 1 in Google searches.” Been there, heard that before.”

Now here’s the rest of the story. After a few weeks Jeff wrote back to answer followers asking how business has been lately? “Business has improved starting the second or third week in January. I think it’s market driven.”
Mr. Chinman said his biggest marketing challenge was to drive traffic to his showrooms and to his Website. “I want to move up in position in organic search on Google” he said.

But what most business owners like Jeff fail to understand is this: Things need to be done in a certain order. It wouldn’t do any good to drive traffic to a website that isn’t designed to capture contact information and convert those leads to buyers. You need an automated nurturing system on the back end for people that say maybe, just not now.

And what’s even worse is when that traffic goes to check your review scores and star ratings and finds some people had really bad experiences. Those little errors will drive your valuable traffic right to the competition. But how do you fix it? Hang on and I’ll get back to that.

So how do you fix the problems of uncertainty, bad investments, too much information and getting things out of order?

Here are the 3 most critical requirements before promoting your business

#1. Before you do anything else, be sure you have a way to control what people say about your business online. You need to direct the people that want to leave reviews into different channels, a Positive feedback loop or Negative feedback loop. Capture and control any bad reviews inside a closed system. Problems can then be dealt with privately without affecting your review score and star rating. Be sure your customer service gets to them first if they complain, before they start spreading bad news to the four winds. And then channel the positive feedback out of the controlled environment and redirect it to review sites you choose. That’s how you get more positive reviews and increased star ratings where you need them. Lucky for you I happen to have an automated system to take care of this. It’s a part of my online presence builder packages and takes care of your reputation management and social marketing.

#2. Follow the money. Set up the most basic tracking system to start understanding the numbers in your business. Without this there’s no way you can know what’s working or not. A simple Excel Spreadsheet is all you need to start. Down the first column list all your marketing channels. Across the top row list costs and values of leads and customers. On the front page of my site you can look for where I provide a download of the one I made. You can get it in the package with my strategy guide to “Maximize Profits With Online Assets.” Take the spread sheet and edit it to suit your business. When you start tracking where people come from and how much you spend per channel to get them, you will see where to focus your time and money.

#3. The next critical factor to have in place is a dedicated landing page that captures the contact info. Here’s where to set a re-targeting cookie on every visitor so you can follow them with an ad all across the internet. This is the front end of a complete lead nurturing program. This kind of re-marketing process is designed to maximize the 97% of people that are interested in your stuff, but aren’t ready to buy right now. Get the complete funnel system in place so you can automate and optimize the lead flow process. Trust me, if you don’t automate the communication and give an irresistible offer to sign up, there’s no way you will do it manually. It has to be automated.

ready to buy vs will buy sometime

Most of your competition focuses on marketing to the tiny 3% of shoppers that are ready to buy right now. But if you manage to capture a small fraction of the 97% I call the “maybe later” shoppers and nurture a relationship with them through automation, when they are ready to buy, you are the first place they’ll look. That will become your own personal warm market. And of course I would love to help setup an automated marketing funnel so you don’t have to worry bout a thing.

When you have the basics in place, you can start optimizing the rest of your digital assets for traffic, developing more assets and then driving that traffic to a squeeze page. You’re probably asking, what are digital assets? They are all the web pages that give value to your market and you control. Everything from facebook business pages to your own blog. Digital assets are videos on Youtube, Pinterest boards, WordPress and Tumblr pages… But that’s getting into advanced stuff. Right now I need to ask…

What if you had complete confidence about where traffic was coming from, how much each lead costs, how much each customer costs and how much each customer was worth for a lifetime?

Imagine you add just that little bit of intelligence about your business to your promotional strategies. Would you have the confidence to start investing in new traffic channels?

Can  you see the benefits of having the front end marketing funnel setup and operating before you do anything else?

How to promote your business video coming next

Now, when it comes to creating stunning ads that do everything right so you can bring new leads and customers into your funnel, we have to wait for the next video. It will answer all your questions and even make you think of things you have never imagined. You’ll definitely want to see it. You’ll get my 12 point criteria for powerful ad creation in the next video.

What you need to do now: Request me to do a review of your online presence to see what your promotional needs are. Let me help you decide where to start. I’ll reverse engineer what is working for your leading competition. I probe the net to see what is hurting your business the most. And I will delve into third party web assets to see where opportunities are hiding.

One of my most valuable skills is in determining what a business needs to fix first to get customers for the least expense. This results in a higher return for your promotional budget. And I have platforms to automate the whole process. You’ll see what needs repair, needs a makeover or needs new development.

I’ve recently invested in some very nice high tech software that allows me to diagnose holes in your marketing. The analysis will uncover the problems that are costing you money and it will discover hidden opportunities that can give you positive cash flow. You’ll gain incredibly valuable insights that you never dreamed of.

This analysis package will show you the honey holes of wealth hidden in plain sight. It’s kind of like having your own digital property handyman here to fix your promotional problems. Chances are, there’s a lot missing in your whole setup and that’s why your marketing doesn’t work very well.

Time for action

Now all you need to do is hit the link on my home page here,, to request your diagnostic review. As soon as I get it, I put you on my to do list and run your business through the programs I have. Then I will manually check a few other thing. When I’m done with the analysis, I’ll shoot a short walk through video explaining what I see and what you should do.

What do you think? Let’s do it while I have time. This program is in beta right now so I need some feedback for the results we get. As soon as this new analysis request campaign gets too busy I’ll have to start charging what it’s worth. I figure somewhere around two or three-hundred dollars for the diagnostic analysis and video overview.

I know what you want? The same thing we all want, more positive cash flow with less hassle. Am I right? I know I am.

So now download the “Maximize Profits With Online Assets” guide first, that will put you on my friends list so you’ll know when I publish the next video on how to fix your ads for traffic.

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The info in the guide alone is absolutely priceless and it will give you the blueprint how to promote your business without getting ripped off. And the trouble shooting diagnostics review will give you a real time action plan. So that’s it. Thanks for watching and I look forward to hearing from you.

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