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Why We Need This Info

We need the facts, and need them early, ideally before any payments are made.

We want to be confident that we can help. If a client is not prepared to do this step, then we’ve got a problem. It’s an important hurdle to clear. It also allows us to price accurately for the best Return On Investment. If we need more details later, we’ll ask for them in a follow up call.

Just so you know, there are some steps we’ll need help with. That means we need to get on a quick call every so often. And it means everyone will be happier.


Thank You For Filling In The Form

For Completing the Form, we offer you a Luxury Resort Stay for 2 Adults and 2 Children, Valued at Over $500.

Take your pick of U.S, Mexico and European locations any time within the next 18 months.

No Purchase Necessary. This is our way of saying we love your business!

Please edit and fill the form to the best of your ability and verify changes.

Vacation Incentive Fine Print:

Detailed (and long) review on my Cancun certificate redemption experience:

I signed up as a member of Advertising Bait in January because of the potential I saw in marketing with the vacation certificates. However, I was very skeptical since it almost sounded ‘too good to be true’, and I didn’t want my clients to get burned.

So I decided to issue myself a vacation certificate to Cancun (Grand Mayan Palace), to see for myself what my clients would be be experiencing themselves. I redeemed my certificate over the phone and paid the $98.50 in taxes, and provided my desired travel dates. They offered me ‘all-inclusive’ upgrades but I declined them. In about a week I received an email from the resort confirming my dates. I then purchased the airfare for my wife and I.

Upon our arrival I was blown away by how big and beautiful the resort was. I rented a car and had to use the valet service since there is no self parking at the resort.

Check-in was a breeze. A timeshare salesperson approached us about a free breakfast buffet and discount card if we attended a sales presentation, which we kindly declined.

The resort is located in Playa Del Carmen, which is located 40 minutes south of Cancun. This is an ideal location because you can drive to all the major attractions such as Chichen Itza, Tulum, Coba and more.

You can also catch a ferry to the islands of Cozumel and Isla Mujeres.

We visited every attraction and location mentioned above. Keep in mind we only stayed 5 days and 4 nights due to other commitments we had back home.

Upon check out, we received our final bill which I have posted here, as well as annotated to help you understand what you and/or your clients can expect to pay ‘out the door’.

– There is a MANDATORY $100 Mexican pesos daily charge for valet parking (no self parking available), which comes out to about $5 US Dollars. This only applies if you drive your own car.
– There is a daily ISH tax (environmental tax) of $20 Mexican pesos, which come out to just over $1 US dollar a night.
– There is a daily ISA (some other tax) of $20 Mexican pesos, which comes out to just over $1 US dollar a night.
– There is a daily resort fee of approximately $365 Mexican pesos, which comes out to approximately $20.

The resort provides FREE basic speed internet for all guests. I had some business webinars to run, so I purchased the high speed internet package, which is NOT necessary for basic internet needs.

This resort is the only resort in all of Mexico with a Cirque Du Soleil theatre on the grounds. It was worth every cent. You see that on my bill, but that is optional of course.

All in all, our ENTIRE stay cost us just $117 dollars for all standard charges. Keep in mind this is a 5 star resort. It was a STEAL! We could not be happier. In regards to the resort fee, MOST resorts charge that above and beyond other fees.

This visit validated to me that these certificates are the real deal, and my level of confidence and belief skyrocketed! Upon my return from this trip I started issuing tons of these certificates as well as signing up affiliates simply by sharing my personal experience.

As a matter of fact, I just learned today that I won the $1,000 grand prize for the having the most affiliate sign-ups!

I would strongly encourage everyone to redeem and experience at least one vacation certificate for yourself whether in the US or Mexico.

Your level of confidence, passion and belief will help you leverage this great opportunity to the max.

I hope this helps you elevate your success.

Feel free to post any questions you might have… Fees Shown in Mexican Pesos. 18 Pesos per U.S. Dollar.


For specific resort fees, check here, www.resortfeechecker.com

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