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Presence Builder And Reputation Building System Helps You Grow Your Most Essential Online Assets

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Protect Your Business Against Bad Reviews and False Information


Here’s an online based software suite and training program to help you build a five star reputation and protect your brand from false and defaming information. Never get blindsided again by a bad review. Now you have the power to control the narrative about your business online. But that’s not all. Keep reading…

1 Dashboard

Here’s just some of what you can get…

  • Your own dashboard to Monitor, Manage and Build your Online Reputation
  • Finally, build up your online presence by accessing this one online software
  • Create a snapshot report that gives you an accurate score of your progress
  • Sync all your online assets so they are consistent across the web
  • Get timely alerts of social mentions and reviews from top sites
  • A high performance, user friendly website solution for your company
  • Concierge service for the companies that want personalized attention

3 buying decisions

Since 2012, over 80% of all buying decisions have been made before a customer ever enters a store. What this means is we need to protect that “virtual doorway” from attack, and notify you of any issues we find around the “four pillars” of your virtual doorway.

Just as important as LIFELOCK® is to protect your identity from thieves, our Presence Builder and Brand Protection is critical for your online brand to guard your business against bad reviews and false information being published about you.

4 pillars

There are FOUR PILLARS to protect around your business’s virtual store front.

The first of the four Pillars of your business’s virtual doorway is LISTINGS. Your listings include those on the main websites you need to be found on, since these drive the majority of internet traffic. PLUS, the over 300 other places your business could and should be listed on.

The next pillar is REPUTATION. What are consumers saying about your brand online? Where are these comments? Who is making these comments? Knowing about these things in a timely manner is vitally important in 2015 and even more important in 2016.

Your business’s website is the third Pillar. It must be MOBILE USER FRIENDLY, and make it easy to find the information consumers want without pinching and scrolling left and right. Now there is even a Google penalty for those sites that have not made the modifications to become mobile compatible.

And finally the fourth pillar is SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE. Social isn’t a NICE to have option in 2015 it is a MUST have! If you’re not social, you’re not perceived as legit by new customers.

5 zero moment of truth

Let’s look at what GOOGLE has coined as the ZMOT or Zero Moment of Truth.

This phrase sums up a big challenge for businesses. No longer does advertising lead to pure traffic in store.

Most times advertising leads to an online search, and when consumers find problems — like broken listing data or bad reviews or sour online word of mouth — they will just go shop with your competitor.

The good news is we have a solution to these issues, and a way to fix and guard the four pillars of your virtual doorways. We call this solution “Presence Builder Brand Insurance.”

7 snapshot report

Let’s start looking at what will be found in the custom report we can generate for your business and how Promotion Creatives can help you protect your Virtual Doorway.

This is your business’s Anchor Data. Are the name/ address/ phone number/ website correct?

Let’s look at the first Pillar of the Virtual Doorway.

8 Listings

FIRST: Listings

Listing sites are everywhere and even vehicle navigation systems are pulling in listing data for businesses.

We have cracked the code on this data and how to influence it.

Inaccurate listings were identified in a recent survey of US businesses as the biggest point of pain a store faces.

Business people are concerned with where their listings are incorrect, and how they can fix them.
Look at your Snapshot report on your businesses listings to see where the errors are. This is where you should start.

First of all we calculate your store’s listing presence!
Where your business is listed and we identify how you stack up against your competitors…

We use the 270,000 businesses in our system to calculate an industry average for businesses in your category. Consumers are going online to a wide array of places to find you.

10 Big 4

Maps, listing sites and social sites. We look at your online listings and grade your listing presence for accuracy and completeness.

Likely, your business is behind the competition and we have some catchup to do. Your competitors are more easy to find online than you.

If the data ever becomes inaccurate we will send you an email alert so you can take action immediately.
Getting a good listing score is a lot of hard work and can be costly, so protect your investment with our online monitoring solution.

We can get started with our team of listings experts, and get your listings claimed on Google plus, Bing, and Yelp right away! This covers 85% of all search traffic and will dramatically improve your online presence. Customers will be able to find you when they search online and have confidence the listings are correct.

11 data providers

With our Brand Listing service, we can get these claimed for your business in the next 30 days!

With the flip of a switch we can get the data right on the BIG FOUR and over the next 12 months they will start sending the RIGHT data for your business and eventually the listing sites will start to pick up the correct information. It takes time but we can get started on fixing this situation immediately.

12 reputation and social

NEXT: Reputation

Norman Hotel web

It’s time to look at your online reputation.

In a recent Nielsen survey 90% of US consumers say they have used reviews to make buying decisions.

We look at the applicable review sites your business should be found on and get your customers to post there.

Your business needs to get some reviews to help your search engine rank and so customers see that you treat people right. We can help you get some reviews. The first thing we can do is claim the various review sites that are applicable for your business.

13 review solicitation

Then we will employ our industry leading REVIEW GENERATION solution! At the point of purchase, you direct the customer through an email to leave a comment on their experience. All of this is within your Business Center Solution, so if they send us something negative, you the business owner or staff member can address it.

If they send us something positive we can then send them a link to publish that review on Google plus, Facebook, and Yelp. Wherever the reviews are needed the most…

We call this solution Review Generation! …… but it is ALSO Negative Review Suppression.
This is because the person making the comments is “contained” within the business center. We will notify you of any negative comments so you can get them solved right away, thus heading off some negative reviews. This will get you some positive sentiment over the next six months!

14 review placement

We can help your business get reviews with Review Generation system. At the point of purchase your business can send an email to your customers asking for feedback. All you have to do is collect their email address to send them the request from within the Brand Insurance Business Center.

When the customer sends their comments – either positive or negative – you have the chance to take further action. If the message is positive you can choose to send links to your Google plus, Facebook or Yelp pages. The customer will be prompted to send their review to these channels.

Every NEGATIVE review will be sent to you to deal with immediately. Thus the upset client ends up voicing their concerns in your CLOSED business center environment and not to the WORLD. We call this NEGATIVE REVIEW SUPPRESSION.

17 positive reviews responded

Our solution monitors your online reputation 24/7/365. And whenever someone posts a review on the sites we monitor — which is virtually everywhere your potential customers could search for your business — you will receive an alert in your email! Not just your email though, also your partners and assistant managers will also get an alert in their emails whenever and wherever you get a review. No more logging into virtually hundreds of potential review sites every day/week/month to see what’s being said, we just do it for you automatically!
Pretty valuable security for your online reputation isn’t it?

6 band insurance

Your business can benefit from our BRAND INSURANCE PROTECTOR SERIES. We will monitor your review pipeline and draft responses to those reviews on your behalf…

We know how to follow the science on Negative review response. There are three steps every business person should take when responding to negative review;

1. Say you are sorry

2. Leave some promotional content, and say something that negates the negative review!

3. Try and get the reviewer on the phone to solve the problem. This is crucial, because 85% of people who we speak with to resolve the problem flagged in the online review become raving fans of our business.

We can turn almost any positive review into marketing gold as well. Every positive reviewer gets a thank you and we use that channel as a marketing conduit to increase repeat business.

Like this example for the Shed BBQ and Blues joint where we used Sharon’s positive review as a place to advertise something we do for our best customers!

18 BBQ Shed

Then we will automatically push these positive reviews to our social media channels as awesome social content.


THIRD: User Friendly Website Performance

19 Optimized web score

Take a look at our Snapshot report for your website. The first portion of the Snapshot report uses Google’s grading for a website.

It’s based upon how fast your site loads, if a mobile version is available and whether the address, phone number and social profile links are found on your first page or not.

If pages are found as images and not text, Google essentially cannot see the data, so we need to make sure your site loads quickly with these important data fields in text, so the search engines can “read” them.


FINALLY: Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Let’s look at your social profiles and see how they perform against your competitors. We grade your Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare versus your biggest competitors to see how yours stack up…..

Because of your low scores on social media we can help by providing you with your own creative writer. When we go through our on-boarding process, our writers will ask questions based upon the personality of your business. Thus we will be able to create a content calendar for your upcoming social media campaigns.

We have solutions for 2 posts and 4 posts a week, depending upon how many times you wish to have this high-level content created. Also included in both of our social programs, we will create or tune up your Foursquare profile and make sure you have an offer on foursquare for people that check in. Over 40 million users choose Foursquare, so it is an important marketing channel for businesses for sure.

All of these things we are doing every month add up. And we want to make sure you are aware of the great work we do each month for our clients.

That’s why we send the monthly Proof of Performance Report out at the end of every month.

15 automated report and emails

Every page is filled with all of the tasks we performed and the dates we did them. You can clearly see, at the end of each month, all the tasks we’ve done for you, and the details behind those tasks. A very valuable way to keep an eye on the Brand Insurance program.

Let’s take a moment and summarize the solutions I have presented to you today…
Listings Creation and Management
24/7/365 Review Management
Mobile Friendly Website solution for your business
Social Media Campaign plan and posting plan
Let’s look at our packages for these solutions…

First up is the SILVER Package

24 do it yourself pricing

add_to_cartYES! Let Me Have It!

In the SILVER PACKAGE there is a limited social component and is for the Do-It-Yourselfer to use our software and dashboard. The SILVER PACKAGE is all about Reputation Review MANAGEMENT and GENERATION, the most important part. The price is $279 setup and a monthly of $90 for this program with no contract!

It includes, of course, your Professional Business Center and Training, which you get access to upon on-boarding.

Then if you decide to make this your online presence builder solution, You can Claim Google Plus, Yelp, & Bing listings. We help you get setup and on-boarded with our digital team.

ALSO you get Reputation Review Management. Reports help you Respond to all positive and negative reviews.

Mobile friendly responsive design location page, plus set up FOURSQUARE and develop an offer.

Then in the GOLD Package you get added benefits

23 do with me pricing


YES! I Want You To Do It With Me!

Review generation platform to build your reputation, email alerts of any online activity PLUS that fantastic monthly PROOF OF PERFORMANCE REPORT and a monthly reputation review video to add to your Youtube channel.

The price for this program is $957 setup and $397 per month with no contract!

PLATINUM package, you get a complete done for you

22 do it for me price


Wait, You’ll Do It For Me? YES! I Want That!

Monthly social media plan with four posts a week on Facebook, Google Plus & Twitter. You get two reputation review videos each month and private consulting to brainstorm more business building strategies.

The Platinum Package is $1379 setup, then $759 per month, no contract.

Here is what you can expect to happen in week one… Your onboarding call will occur, we will get everything our digital agent will need to move our digital strategy ahead. We will figure out a plan for social posting. And we will start claiming your BIG four listing sites, submit your data to Factual, Acxiom, Neustar and Infogroup plus we will start claiming any applicable review sites so we can start responding to your reviews. The agent will go over all services included in your package, ensuring that you understand timelines, requirements from yourself, and will answer any questions you may have.

ALSO in week one you will start getting EMAIL alerts from our system. These are very important, as they will show you what we have found on your virtual doorway. You need to be sure to look through these emails very carefully as there may be things in each email that can help you run your business better. When you see that there are errors in your listings, do not be alarmed. This is why you have signed up for our services, and everything is being handled by our digital agency team.

25 what to expect

A lot of exciting things happen in month two. Our four data providers should have your updated information approved in their systems. Your citation numbers will start to rise, and individual websites will be retrieving this information in order to update their respective listings. There is no time guarantee on how long each listing site takes to update their information, so patience is key. Email alerts continue to come to your email address and we will have started to generate some positive reviews with our Review Generation protocol.

10 Module Presence Builder Training Center

Are you curious to see inside the system?

You can visit the training videos on this next page:

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Presence Builder Software Training


What You Can Do Right Now…

26a Snapshot

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