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You see, the online world is quickly becoming integrated with the mobile phone world. The two combined are massive and interactive. You should be having a company blog that gets updated several times a day? And that is just the tip of the iceberg. That same little update should get pushed to facebook, twitter, and you have your images post to pinterest etc. Videos ultimately should be posted to your own Youtube channel and then all those posts should be linked and optimized for search.

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You can see what kind of power a system like that would have. There is the local listing that Google makes available called Places with maps and reviews. Anytime a person does a Google search for your kind of service or product, the whole top of the page is dominated by maps listings and ads. If your business isn’t there, it is hardly anywhere. People are lazy and want instant results. They rarely ever venture beyond page one or the first five listings.

So what does it take to get to the top? Work, a lot of work. You have to have more reviews, citations, backlinks to your citations, videos, a blog, web 2.0 sites and high authority backlinks to your blog with more reviews on every online property that references your business.

There are services that offer this alone for around $2500 per month. There are thousands of online business services that do this day in and a day out without blushing. The only question you have to ask is; Does it have a positive return on investment? For most businesses it does. But you have to have enough clientele to warrant that kind of investment. If your company can handle an extra 30 customer per month and each customer is worth $100, it would be well worth it.

We start out by including maps, index lists, social and search engine optimization.

But how do you really know what you need first? That’s why we recommend the first thing you do is take advantage of the free online business marketing analysis.

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