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Mobile Integration

How many adults have a mobile phone now? Almost all adults now carry a mobile phone everywhere they go. It’s beside their bed at night. It’s in their hand as they drive. And it is in their pocket at the mall. If they get an alert, they check it. 97% of the time they check their phone when it alerts. That is an astonishing statistic. There has never been a medium in the history of man that could keep people connected 24/7 like the mobile phone. People simply can’t live without them.

We offer a Mobile App service that sets an app on your customers phone that gives you instant connection to them all, all the time. They can get coupon codes, discount alerts, special offers and event notifications. And the will open them 97% of the time on the average.

Our app is cross platform. That means it can be used with all different kinds of devices. It can be used on iphones, blackberries, android and windows.

Your customers can share them, show them and use them to check what your offering at anytime.

This service alone is selling all day long by others for $1500 set up and $100 per month and the businesses love it. We are offering a first time user deal to the next 50 signups for $1000 setup and $75 per month subscription.  Plus we will give you a one time special offer with this service; One Free Mobile Website. Get it while you can. It is a deal!

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