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Branded Review Videos That Get Seen!

Sample Branded Review Video

When a potential customer sees the 5 star reputation review video and the phone number at the end, what do you think they are going to do? And if they are watching on a smart phone, and they usually are, we can even put a tap to call right on the video for you.

Why shouldn’t you be marketing your good reputation? People trust online reviews almost as much as they trust a recommendation from a friend or family member. As a matter of fact, even if some friend recommends a place, 90% of the time that just compels them to do an online search to check for more proof and compare options.

But these are not just simple youtube videos…

These videos are;

  • Produced with professional commercial actors
  • Shot in a Hollywood style studio
  • Using Prime time graphics and animation
  • Office background via green screen
  • On location 5 Star review on ipad
  • Call to action Psychological close
  • Perfectly SEO optimized
  • Syndication of video across the web
  • Social media syndication
  • Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus etc…

I bet you’re wondering how much now…

Now here’s the deal. We are still in the beta launch phase of this new video promotional department. We need more reviews and customer feed back. So rather than the normal $2381.00 price tag for this package, I will cover the Production Cost and the Optimization. You just cover the syndication. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

But there is a catch. The only way we can do this deal is if you agree to give us referrals and your own written testimonial for this beta program. When we get all we need, that will close this beta launch discount down. Fair?…  Okay,

Right Now You Get An 88% Discount!


Total Package Value  $2381.00 , Now only $279

 Plus BONUS Video Marketing Excellence Training Manual Valued at $27.00, Yours FREE

ebookadd_to_cartonly $279

Why not market your reputation with a branded review video?