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Social Media Marketing (Re) – Activation Program For Dead Fan Pages

Innovative Facebook Campaigns Generate Fresh New Fans, Leads and Sales

Don’t believe me?

I don’t blame you.

Because over  90% of fan page posts are not seen by anyone.
But with my new strategy social media marketing, all that can change. I can almost guarantee that each post we make using this method will hit your fans news feed and go viral. Not only that, but we can automate your fan page to drive traffic to almost any site you want, your blog, sales page, squeeze page, a coupon or discount offer…

We can find the hottest content on the web to hyper engage any list and turn them into buyers! Even use social media traffic to send your blog pages to the top of the search results with the social traffic!

Let me show you how we do all this using the two most powerful facebook strategies we’ve ever used.

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Today I’ll show you how we can turn dead Facebook fan pages into massive income streams for your business in a way that will blow your mind! Guaranteed

How can I make such a bold claim? Because I already have 2109 Proven social facebook fan page reactivation campaigns that provide predictable, ongoing results on autopilot to you!

And here’s the real kicker. I’m willing to do a facebook reactivation campaign for you without asking anything in return. Then, and only then, after we run this program will we talk about the true value of the results from this social media marketing  system.

But what happens when a small business starts to use social media marketing?

results from social media marketing

Many businesses at this stage spend a fortune in design to make their business look great because they anticipate making a fortune. Huge numbers of businesses are spending $1000+ getting “likes” to their page.

social marketing stepsThey start taking action, posting content, sometimes daily, sometimes 2-3 times a week hoping this will be time and money well spent.

real social marketing
Then reality sets in. At this stage a business is no longer doing the posting themselves. But it’s not making them money! So they employ an external source to do this for them, costing them even more money!

Now, what do you think happens in stage 4 a few months later after spending thousands of dollars on a failed money sucking fan page? They’ve done all these postings. Expected all these results to be met with nothing but crickets.

disappointed with social marketing
They give up, having spent a fortune doing all this. Then they realize the costs involved to create effective campaigns just isn’t worth it! They spend time and money on marketing, they know the potential of social media, but have gotten ZERO results!

facebook fan pages suck
Now there are a huge and growing number of small businesses who are leaving their Facebook fan pages in the grave yard because of zero results and bad R.O.I.

facebook business page
It’s just unbelievable how much chit chat on blogs, articles written in magazines and experts exposing the dismal failure facebook has been for small businesses! Her is an article from Forbes Business magazine that spells it out very well. ” we were shocked, SHOCKED to see that not all our users that liked our page were seeing our posts…” The conclusion was that facebook was a bad investment for small businesses.

facebook killed post reach
Here is another one that showed why this was such a colossal problem.

And here’s the reason why small business will longer get results with facebook doing it the old way, and why it will never work for any new business that comes along to try it.


8 facebook betrays
14 Ways New Facebook Betrays Small Business. And here’s the big news guys. I want you to understand what happens and why small businesses are begging for help and your about to see the solution in a few minutes.

In word and deed, the new design and rules accompanying the new Timeline version of facebook pages is a boon to big business, and a blow to small business. The IPO has changed the game forever.

bad news for fan pages
Facebook changes will reduce traffic to your fan page… and look at the final paragraph…
It appears that Facebook is doing what many have warned about for awhile. They’re cashing in on the incredible numbers and extremely detailed demographic information they’ve been collecting for years. And now they want you to pay to reach a higher number of those who have already said they’re interested in your content…

Can you believe this? Even though their fans have elected to get the content from a fan page, now they have to pay for them to see it! Even if a small business has fans. And even if they are excited to see the content, if that business doesn’t know how to pay for that traffic properly, facebook will not show that content to their followers. As a result, small businesses stand practically no chance of success unless they know what you are about to find out today. Small businesses are being held for ransom and they haven’t got a clue how to do it. Just say OMG if you are shocked at the reality of what facebook has done to small businesses! The model of facebooks platform is now, if you want to play, you have to pay. For about the first 5-6 years they gave a free pass to all the businesses in the world. Then in the middle of the game they changed the rules.

Or if you want your fans to see your posts, you’re gonna have to be dang good at engagement, viral content and super valuable contests. Now local businesses are giving up. They see the 1 and 2 likes on their posts even if they have thousands of real fans. So small businesses are throwing their hands in the air and giving up. They realize it’s just not worth it.

And here’s The biggest problem. small businesses are clueless about how to really use facebook to drive traffic, generate leads and turn those leads into paying customers.

But not all is lost. I understand your pain. And I know that the failure you’ve experienced is NOT your fault.

social media agency Let’s summarize, There are over 25,000,000 small businesses trying to market on facebook.

  1. Facebook’s new rules makes it almost impossible for small businesses to make money using facebook doing what they are doing.
  2. Most businesses have spent serious money on facebook and are frustrated and desperate for help.
  3. Until today the people even attempting to help them are large agencies charging fortunes to create campaigns for them!
  4. Unfortunately, small businesses just don’t have the funds to employ these big agencies.

But what if I had the magic to bring these small business pages back to life and make them profitable? Imagine if there was an affordable solution to finally tap into the goldmine of users again that want what you have to offer?

Is facebook dead

Is it right to say Facebook pages are dead? Absolutely not! If you know how to harness the incredible power Facebook provides. Facebook really is a goldmine, for those that know how to tap into its enormous potential, and know how to use it.

The fact that most small businesses don’t know how to use facebook and have given up on it opens up an incredible advantage and one of the biggest opportunities ever for small businesses to capture a greater share of the market if they can do it successfully.

I hope you’re starting to get excited about this.
Now when I show you how businesses are able to grow their business and make a profit, you’ll be blown away.

The following are just a few examples of businesses making an absolute killing using the power of Facebook, when not surprisingly, they have the power of a big corporation behind them.

big business success
The bicycle company drives close to $500,000 in incremental sales annually through sales annually through promotional codes and traffic generated exclusively from Facebook.

Navy Federal Credit Union saw a record number of new member sign-ups and a conversion rate 25X higher than average after using facebook to advertise special offers and a member appreciation campaign.

Hyundai leveraged Facebook’s ability to target users based on their predicted likelihood to be in the market for a car, driving a 55% lower cost per conversion than its goal.

facebook success
Kay’s Designer saw a 30% increase in sales and 23X increase in return on ad spend

Salesforce cut cost per lead goal by more than half.

Bud Light brand saw 6X return on ad spend by using Facebook media…

These big businesses are making an absolute killing using facebook. But notice, there are very few small businesses amongst these massive success stories! Understand this one thing. It is possible, but they just don’t know how to do it.

So what does a small business need to do right now to join the ranks of big businesses and turn Facebook into massive lead generation and profit making resource?

Do you want to know, right now what a small business needs to do to become like a big brand and be able to use facebook, social media to drive home more sales, more traffic, more leads, higher profit than they’ve ever seen before in social media?

Okay, let’s go in and I share with you the steps how you do it. Now as I go through it, don’t worry if it seems like a lot of work, because it is! BUT, we have a way to automate this entire process. And I will show you that coming up shortly.

That fact that this is difficult to do without automation and you simply will not succeed without it drives home the point that you need to stay to the end when I reveal how we have something to make this brain dead simple.
Merge social networks
There are 6 things you need to do to put this all together. If you have a fan page, and you see what I’m about to show you, you will understand what’s going wrong and why you can’t do this without a done for you solution.

Point #1. It’s not enough to just market on facebook. You need to integrate social media marketing with email marketing. Many small businesses oppose email marketing but the stats prove that it’s still effective. The fact is, Facebook alone just isn’t enough. You need email because it works and it’s cheap! So you need to use both in conjunction with each other. Now that could be a colossal problem. How do you integrate the two? Most small businesses wouldn’t have a clue how to begin to integrate the two.

But don’t worry, we’ll show you how to do it. Just write these 6 steps down.

social sharing contests
Step 2. Small businesses need to engage in Social Contests to keep fans engaged and have them Sharing their content. Does your business have time to do this, do you think? Small businesses need to have posts and content that’s engaging and exciting to keep the fans interested and happy to share that content with their friends. And it’s obvious, most small businesses just don’t have the time and resources to run continuous successful contests to keep their fans engaged and excited to share their content.

regular social contests
Number 3, small businesses need to be consistent in social media! These campaigns need to be done and maintained practically on a daily basis. Every week, every month you need something exciting happening in order to stand out! This essential to capture the attention of your fans and the market place. Every holiday needs to have a sweepstakes contest. Every month there needs to be something going on to stay in front of their potential market and fans.

The big problem here is, small businesses are using social media in a way that just doesn’t get people excited or make their fans want to be engaged with their content. It’s epidemic across the board. They fail miserably to capture attention on social media. Because businesses that just post staff pictures, industry news and famous quotes just wont get their content shared by facebook. Facebook’s own algorithm wont allow dull content to be shown on their platform.

relevant social media
The fact is, Small businesses need to be engaging in special event marketing, such as Valentines, Christmas, Birthdays and Spring Break etc… There has to be an engagement program for those that have already shown an interest in what your business does.

Remember, in social media you need to remain relevant and exciting or someone else will take away the attention of your prospects and fans from you! And running relevant continuous campaigns that keep their fans engaged year round is almost impossible for any small business.

vouchers and discounts
Step number 5, As a small business you need to create online vouchers to get Facebook fans actually come in and buy from them. There’s simply no point in engaging fans if it doesn’t result in a crazy amount of new business! It’s not enough to engage people on social media. You need to bring them through the door! Those ne prospects need to actually wnat to do business with you. And the best way to do that is offer special offers, vouchers and coupons that get them to come in and take advantage of your great deals!

And the thing about staying engaged with your customer base is loyalty. If you’re the one that’s always there, making offers and creating a buzz, you’re the first one they will think of when they need something you offer. But on the other hand, if your competition is the one that’s engaging with your customers on a weekly and monthly basis, that’s where they’re going to go.

promote with paid ads
The Big One, Step number 6, businesses need to know how to use Facebook advertising to make sure this gets maximum reach at the lowest cost possible! Without reaching out to your local prospects, your Fanpage will not grow and your company will not experience an increase in profits!

They have to expand their horizons, they can’t just rely on the present clients and prospects. They need to spread out. And Facebook requires them to pay for advertising, even if it’s just $5 a day to extend their reach.

So all those things combined make it practically impossible for small business to effectively use Facebook today like the big businesses do.

Now let’s recap.

1. You need to merge social with email marketing to maximize results.

2. You have to create socially engaging contests to keep fans engaged and sharing the content.

3. You need to be consistent. Not just once a year but preferably every month or better yet, every week. Because if you’re not engaging, Facebook will penalize your fan page and not show any new posts.

4. You need to adapt and be engaging with holidays, birthdays, event marketing to get massive engagement.

5. You have to have social coupons in there to bring their engaged prospects in through the door to generate more profits.

And number 6. They’ve got to be able to get the right ads on Facebook to be sure they get the maximum reach and bring more people into their marketing funnel.

facebook headache

Who hear is developing a massive migraine headache contemplating the crazy amount of work required to build successful Facebook campaigns for their small business?

So who here is beginning to understand why Facebook has become a graveyard for many of the 25,000,000 regular small businesses using Facebook fan pages? They don’t stand a chance without a friend to help and a system already in place to do the work.

Just imagine if they wanted to put this all together on their own. And worse, what would it cost to hire an agency to create a program for them to run these campaigns day in and day out?

There’s no question that large corporations are making a killing on Facebook, but they are investing Millions into their campaigns to get those returns! They’re succeeding because they have the man power and the money power to be able to do this.

To hire an agency to run a full scale Facebook campaign like this would set back a small business between $7000 and $10,000 per month! And that doesn’t even include what they would spend on the Facebook ads required to get a decent reach across their market. That $7000 to $10,000 a month is just for man hours and technology alone to maintain this kind of campaign.

Now it’s easy to see why these big businesses can afford the man hours and ad budgets to run these successful campaigns and small businesses can’t even get started.

Now would you like to see a quick, easy and affordable way that any small business can run these highly effective campaigns?

Okay, strap yourself down and hold onto your seat while I show you the most innovative social powered program ever created for small businesses. And that’s an understatement when it comes to having social media marketing success.

social media automation system
Because the system I’m about to show you cost $2,200,000 and 2 years to develop! Inside this system is a pool of 2,109 proven campaigns and 12 months of templated campaigns for small local businesses to compete with the biggest corporations on the planet. Inside this program are the Six Essential Steps that make up a successful social media campaign that generates leads, reactivates old disinterested customers and generates more profits for local businesses.

This system and program will Finally level the playing field for the very first time since Facebook’s Stock trading IPO. For small businesses wanting to get back in the game, there is nothing else out there that compare to the power of social media to massively increase profits.

For many businesses this year, this will mean the difference between the life and death of their company. Because your customers are out there, and they are on social media. But you have no way to effectively engage them and bring them in to spend money.

So now let me reveal to you what we’ve been working on for the last couple of years to bring small businesses back into the social media game. This is the easy way to do what until now has been virtually impossible for most local businesses to do since Facebook went public.

social dashboard
Now here’s the deal, I can create a series of campaigns for almost any local niche market with preconfigured graphic elements, designed for special events, holidays and special offers that have been proven to convert lookers into excited, engaged fans, leads and buyers inside this 2 Million dollar program.

dashboard demo 1
Inside the program dashboard you can see all the different local niches we can pull up and create a series of continuously running campaigns for up to 12 months! And in case yours isn’t in the program by chance, we also have generic campaigns we can customize specially for you.

campiagn creation
As you can see, we can set up campaigns that look professional, elegant and engaging that compel the participant to join and invite their friends on social media. And we have the option to choose how many winners there will be, the prize values, the rules to win. We can also direct them to do certain tasks, visit certain sites and gain even more exposure with their activities.

discount coupons
The system will even create coupons that can be printed, saved on smart phones and sent to emails. All the terms and conditions are editable so any region that requires special details in terms and conditions to be written for participants can be easily changed.
Our 2 million dollar templated campaign builder program can be quickly deployed for your small business to have the social media success you have been missing out on this whole time. This thing works like magic. It has been tested and proven with thousands of local business campaigns and yet, I bet you have never even seen one in your own timeline. The opportunity is still wide open and the potential is nearly limitless right now.

social contest calendar
Here you can see a sample calendar for March and see that there are already 3 pre-configured campaigns ready to deploy. We just have to go in and fill in the details that fit your business. You can see exactly what we have planned out and what we can do for you on a month by month schedule.

April contest calendar demo
And here is another example as you can see what the April calendar looks like. This is the kind of engagement required to make any social media marketing a success. So if you have ever wondered why you had little to no luck using social media, I think you are starting to see why… Every single month and almost every single week there is some kind of new event and campaign to match it.

Listen, this is a 12 month marketing campaign program that would normally cost a big business $7000 to $10,000 per month. We are talking about $80,000 to $120,000 per year for this kind of service! That’s just a drop in the bucket for a big corporation with millions in ad budgets. But we know you can’t manage to start out at that level if you are a small local business.

Once these highly engaging sweepstakes are set up, as people join it will tell their friends and family about the contest, get it to go viral and new likes, leads and customers will be the result. And just this one component is worth thousands and thousands of dollars.

add other social networks
The next component is where we are able to connect all your other socail networking pages, blog and Web2.0 sites. That will grab all those subscribers, followers and members as well!
But like we said before. We found that social media was not enough by itself. We need to integrate email marketing into the mix. This system also allows us to import you email subscribers list to notify them of the contest and its progress. So if you have already started building a list, this will mean a super fast start to an already viral campaign. Every campaign has an email marketing sequence attached to it to increase the engagement with multiple touch points.

email plus social
And as an added benefit, this system tests and optimizes the emails sent based on all the thousands being delivered for the best open rate and best converting sales copy. Having this data alone is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!

But we haven’t even gotten to the most powerful component of this system yet. Are you ready to be completely blown away?

facebook ads powered
Because like I said before, the most powerful aspect of this program and what you need to do to make social media work, how to manage Facebook ad campaigns. Know how to target properly, know how to set up an effective Facebook ad campaign. And that is the most difficult, trickiest thing to do for any business. It takes hour, days and weeks to get an ad profitable and then they have a short lived shelf life. But not anymore. Because our 2 Million dollar system has an integrated ad platform.

facebook ad dashboard
We don’t get bogged down with ad management. We let this extremely tuned mazarati of a machine under promise and over deliver. This system can spit out the exact return on investment estimate based on the ad budget and targeting campaign. And we will see a few case studies in a couple of minutes that show the real results from real ads. The ad machine will target friends and fans of the page and only the ones geographically located near the address and create all the promoted posts and content. Everything is tuned by this machine, created to make ads into profits. It actually gives us a marketing plan with true estimated return on investment based on the figures of thousands of campaigns that have been run before.

facebook ad roi
I guarantee you have never seen anything like this! It spits out a real estimate of the new customers, likes and traffic estimates as seen here. This is the most powerful social media software you have ever seen. With this platform, we can create a customized contest, promoted page post and page tab for the contest. And these things go viral very quickly.

And like you would expect, this system gives us full statistics of all the activity from all the fans, customers and visitors. And with the list of fans, it will even send birthday greatings and aniversary congratulations if you want to.

But I have to admit, without a program like this, I could never be able to offer this level of refined and persoanlized service. It just wouldn’t be possible for a small freelance agency like mine. Lucky for you, I have invested into this system to offer this premium big business platform service. It gives me the unique position to offer a $100,000 campaign service for a tiny fraction of the investement to small businesses and get you back into the social media marketing arena.

  • With this 2.2 Million dollar system, we can do customized social media campaigns for you.
  • We can create contests that are proven to mass engage clients and prospects.
  • You can get full Facebook advertising campaigns based on your budget and target market.
  • It auto integrates all your prospects into a poven social media campiagn with your best social networks.
  • You also get a completely integrated email marketing program to continue with followups and updates.
  • It also does event marketing based on holidays, birthdays and special events as needed.

The Big Agencies are charging a fortune for each one of these services.
They charge upwards of $5000 per each contest!
Paid ad campaigns on Facebook can cost $1500 a month for someone to run and manage.
Email marketing with integration can cost $3000 a month!
Event marketing can go for another $3000 per month!

That would run you over $12,500 a month quite conservatively if it was from a big agency. The big agencies are doing their clients a massive favor when they reduce their prices to a meager $7000-$10,000 per month per contest and integration campaign.

But here are the big advantages our system has over the big promotional agencies, we have all the data from the thousands of campaigns run before in the same industries as yours. And what would usually take a team of 6-10 people working full time for a week to create, we can do in a single day with just one or two people.

Compared to even the low ball price of $7000 per month a big agency would have to charge, we offer a deal most small businesses can’t refuse. Because we do more than the big agencies at less than half the price while operating a positive ROI campaign, finally making facebook and social media marketing feasible again, it just makes sense to get back into the game.

 Yes, Start My Social Marketing Campaign

Plus, we have a way to get consistent, ongoing successful results for our clients every single month at a fraction of the initial investement.

Now, how would you like to see real businesses that have had real results as proof this really works? Following a some case studies of small local businesses just like yours that have loved the results they got.

boating club campaign example
Here we see a boating club got 54 new fans, 39 new customers with just $135 ad spend. That’s insane! What do you think the lifetime value of a customer is for a boat shop? The return on investment is massive for them!

sample restaurant campaign
This is a nice little rib restaurant that netted 930 new customers and 711 fans with 589 coupons redeemed for a $350 ad budget in a 4 month span! Those are incredible numbers for any business.

example boutique shop contest
Here is a boutique gift shop from Virginia and the results based on just based on 2 short campaigns. From an ad budget of $125 they got 127 new fans, 33 new customers with 33 coupons redeemed. That is great ROI for businesses.

florist example campaign
Here is a florist that got 64 new fans and 75 customers with 35 coupons redeemed. Their customer value is about $100 dollars so that netted them about $7500 worth of customers.

Winery social campaign example
Here’s a winery that just ran one campaign and got 188 new fans, 135 customers and spent $120 on ads. Can you imagine? With a customer value of … they cleaned up! So there you have it. Proof this system works, and just work very, very well.

But I want you to know this. My goal has always been and will always be to get you, my clients profitable promotions. And to that end, I have developed a boutique style freelance agency that offers almost any kind of promotional technique to small businesses.

When presented with offers like the one I’m about to make you, 80% of businesses raise their hand in the air and say count me in. So I don’t mean to scare you, but my calendar will fill up very quickly when I open this up to the general public. Usually I only work with just a hand full of clients at a time. But because of the automation process of this system I will be able to take on between 25 and 30 new businesses. So if this looks like something you want in on get ready to get on board quickly.

Because here’s the facts, there is no other agency on Earth going to be able to offer you what I’m about to offer you. There is an actual man hour and technology cost to these kinds of campaigns. Big agencies have very high overhead with employees that have to be paid and offices that require rent. They simply can’t compete with my offer. Because I’m a small boutique style freelance agency, our overhead is almost zero and we don’t have to make $100,000 a month.

So here’s the deal, I’m so serious about this. And I want you to see how it works, I’m having a contest for any small business that wants to try it. I’m willing to give away a free contest campaign to any small business that can get at least (2 likes and 1 share on their own personal page or business fan page) for my own contest to win a free two week social media campaign! So if you’d like to have me set up and run a social media and email campaign contest for you, all you have to do is sign up, like and share my contest! Any small business that can get at least 2 other people to like and share this contest will get their own done for you social media marketing campaign!

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Start your own free trial case study like the examples above!